Tips on How to Find a Great Plumber in Regina

If you are checking this article out you must need a plumber, we are not going to ask why because you already know the answer to that question :). What we intend to do is arm you with the knowledge you need to select a suitable plumber that will do a decent job without gouging you in the process. Something that we are not going to do is tell you which plumber to hire, that would not be fair to you or us since we do not know what your specific needs are so let’s take the plunge and start the review shall we?

Locating Suitable Plumbers in Regina

As the heading suggests we will show you how to locate suitable plumbers in Regina but bare (or is it bear I never could that right but I digress). Go to a search engine and while we can say there are many search engines out there Google is the top dog so go there and type in plumber Regina or a similar sequence of word. Thanks to all those Phds working at Google in a matter of a second you should have a list of all the plumbers in Regina or at least they claim to be plumbers and reside in Regina. This is where your reliance on Google ends and where you have to actually do some thinking on your own, don’t worry though it should be fairly painless.

Now that you know the names of the firms you can look at their website, if the plumber only has a Yellowpage advertisement and no website of their own then remove them from your list. The Internet is here to stay and these plumbers need to adapt, those who do not are probably ancient and not capable of doing a good job. While checking over the website of the plumber find out whether they have a red seal, this is a recognized qualification for tradespeople and it proves the plumber has a considerable amount of hands-on experience and theory so they can handle all types of plumbing jobs.

After you have selected the plumbers that have red seals you can start verifying they are licensed and insured to work in Regina. Even if the plumber is licensed it does not mean the plumbing business is licensed, it may seem like we are splitting hairs but you really cannot afford to hire someone that is not licensed due to liability issues so do yourself a huge favor and confirm this.  Once you have verified the plumbers and plumbing business are licensed then you can start the screening.

Best Way to Screen Plumbing Companies in Regina

The initial step is to find out how long the plumbing company has been providing these services in Regina. If they have been doing this for a considerable amount of time say five to ten years then you can put them on your list of potential candidates but you are not even near finished with the screening process.

You should assess the overall professionalism of the website, does it look well made or is it lacking? The plumbing niche is competitive so if the firm does not invest in their website then chances are they won’t be as proactive with their service than a firm that ensures their website is professional looking. One you have shortlisted the plumbing companies that have professional looking websites the next thing you will need to look over is the reputation of the plumbers. There are many stories posted online about people being ripped off by plumbers and while some may be exaggerations you don’t want to go through that hassle so what you need to do is look for feedback online. Never base your decision on the testimonials that were uploaded on the plumbers website, they are going to be biased instead what you can do is using the search engines type in the name of the plumbing company you want to screen. When the search has been completed you are going to find out what people really think about these plumbers and whether they actually have a decent track record. After you have the names of the top twenty plumbers in Regina based on their track record you can contact each of them for quotes.

Getting a Good Price on Plumbing Services

This is more of an art than an exact science but you have to contact each of the plumbers on your list and find out what they are going to charge you for the work you need done, unless this is an emergency job you have the ability to shop around. While the plumber is at your home note how professional they are in both their appearance and the way they speak. The plumber should leave you with their quote in writing so you know roughly what the job is going to cost, just make sure the work they are doing is guaranteed meaning if something goes wrong they will fix it at no additional cost to you. After you have gathered the quotes you should target the plumber that has their pricing in the middle of the bunch, by following that approach your odds of saving money while getting quality plumbing work done increase dramatically. Now that you know all the steps that need to be taken you really should start doing your preliminary research online, the sooner you begin the research the faster you can get the work one just be sure to never make hasty decisions and everything should fall into place so go online right now and begin the review.

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