Plan Your Wedding And Honeymoon With Limo Hire

Providing adequate transportation for your bridal party and eventual honeymoon is a great way to ensure that your guests arrive on time to the next venue, and that you reach the airport on time for your honeymoon. Transportation on your big day is important for making sure that the day runs smoothly and nothing ruins your joy. It’s not just about arriving at the venue and departing the venue in style; you want to make sure that you arrive on time and stress-free throughout the day.

After the wedding comes the honeymoon! Just as your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, you will do yourself some good by making your honeymoon just as grand. What better way, than a limo hire that takes care of your transportation needs during the wedding, and ensure you’re not late for your honeymoon. A stylish ride in a limousine with some glittering champagne and plush seats is all you need to make the short journey to the airport a fun ride.

Cuddle close to your sweetheart as you relax in style, and your driver drops you off just in time for your flight. It is not good to let the fun end after your wedding day. Live lavishly and honor your union with an equally engaging trip to the airport. To make your day such a memorable one, here are few tips to help you with your transportation plans for your wedding and drop off at the airport for your honeymoon:

Plan Ahead

When it comes to limo hire for your wedding, it is better to plan your transportation ahead of time. If you intend to have your wedding during say, April, May, or June, then you should be looking to book your limo some months in advance. These months are not only peak season for weddings, this period also coincides with prom and graduation, so it is possible that limousine companies will more than likely going to be booked. You have to stay ahead of the game by booking for your transportation around nine months before your wedding. Once you’ve established the date of your wedding (and honeymoon), guest list, sites for the ceremony and the reception, the location of the airport, and the size of your party, you should book for your transportation.

Give Your Bridal Party A Ride

While it is not compulsory to provide transportation for your bridal party, it helps a lot to make things go effortlessly when the transportation needs of your bridal party is adequately planned and taken care of. Things can become a little bit untidy when everyone is allowed to cater for their transportation to move from venue to venue, and of course, you’ll want your bridal party to arrive the same time with you.

Give Guests A Ride As Well

If you have guests from outside the town attending your party, you may want to consider booking a limo hire service to get them from their hotel to the venue of the ceremony and reception, and afterwards back to the hotel.

You Won’t Miss Your Flight

Now that the wedding is over, you need to quickly move from the venue of your wedding to the airport to proceed on your honeymoon. Using a limo will ensure you show up on time for your flight the plenty of time to spare and attend to other last minute business. Nobody wants the many complications of packing the car up with luggage, finding parking space at the airport, and doing so effectively to show up on time. Similarly, it is not always a good idea to take your private car to the airport while you’re on your honeymoon vacation.

Don’t Let Your Wedding Celebrations End

Before facing the realities of everyday life as newlyweds, it is important that you maximise the fun that your wedding day and honeymoon presents. Who sincerely wants to wake up early and start planning for necessary car ride to the airport for honeymoon? You don’t need any form of stress while on vacation; your wedding is already enough stress for one day! Call  limo hire Manchester today and let them take care of your wedding and honeymoon transportation.