What to consider when designing a bathroom

The bathroom is the most popular roomin the house when it comes to remodelling. The bathroom is a busy room the whole house hold needs. This is the room you prepare for your day in. After a stressful day, it becomes a place of solace and relaxation. It is no wonder why they’re so commonly renovated.

When redesigning your bathroom there are several important things you should consider. With the following in mind you’ll be able to achieve safe and proper bathroom installation:

Layout & size

The layout and size of your bathroom is very important. You have to consider the current layout of the bathroom. As well as consider how much space you have and how to utilise it.

You need to ensure that there is enough walking room. Also, there should be ample space to comfortably get dressed in. There should also be sufficient area around sinks and the toilet. Compromising on a bath or even a shower will create a more spacious, airy, room. It’s worth the sacrifice to achieve a bathroom sanctuary.


Bathrooms are exposed to endless moisture and steam. This makes them more susceptible to mold and mildew. In a room without proper ventilation, mold will fester in the walls. In turn damaging paint and finishes in the bathroom. Fans help prevent this. Fans also help muffle noises coming from the bathroom. The noise level of the fan usually depends on the quality of the fan. Cheaper units usually being the loudest. There are also automatic fans that turn onand off whenever their humidity sensor is triggered. Bathrooms code generally requires a fan of at least 50 CFM or cubic feet per minute.


When styling your bathroom remember that it needs to remain trendy as the years go on. It is important to consider this when picking out plumbing fixtures. A new bathroom installation should include classic and neutral pieces. Then style the room and paint it accordingly. Add accessories like candles, flowers and jars. This way your bathroom can be easily updated with the times easily. Keep in mind that a bathroom should be a welcoming and serene place. Giving your bathroom some life will create a place you can escape to.


Lighting is essential in a bathroom as many do not have a natural source of light. You should make sure to make the most of any natural light available. But more importantly is the artificial lighting. With the wrong lighting you can cast horrible shadows in areas of the bathroom. You may also find your face cast in shadow when looking into your mirror. This can be avoided. There should be lighting sources from above. Preferably one central and one above the toilet and shower. There should also be vertices lighting, around mirrors especially. This is to light up ones face.

Another great option for lighting are skylights. While quite pricey, skylights can evolve a small dingy bathroom into a bright open one. The skylight is a worthy investment if you can afford it. It brings a touch of the outdoors and nature. As well as draw the eye up, making the ceiling feel higher. Not to mention the view of the sky and the stars.


Due to the moist nature of bathrooms some materials are unsuitable for bathroom furniture. Laminates, for example, warp and peel as they’re exposed to bathroom steam. Hard woodcabinets are therefore a better option. Stone has to be given a resealing treatment annually. Porcelain tiles are usually perfect for this environment. This is due to their smooth and polished finish.  Choosing a medium sized tile will lessen the amount of grout that is used. Less grout is easier to keep clean and mold free.


Bathroom storage is often tricky as bathrooms can be small. They also usually require sufficient storage for bathroom essentials. Body and hair products, as well as towels; toothbrushes, hairdryers and more. You can fully utilise your space by using dual function furnishings. Having your sink built into a station with a cupboard attached. Shallow cabinets  and corner shelves are great in small bathrooms too.Put hooks on the back of the door to hang robes and make use of towelling rails. This allows you to allocate your precious storage to other necessities.


A proper bathroom installer will tell you remodelling a bathroom can often include hidden expenses. Unexpected water damage to the walls, floors, ceiling  and wiring can push you over your budget. This should be accounted for when you’re planning how much you can spend.  It is always best to over budget in case of an emergency. Even if it means waiting a few extra months until you have enough.

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Remodelling your bathroom is rewarding. If planned correctly, you’ll get the outcome you desire and a bathroom that will stand the test of time.