Bay windows

You will see different types of bay home windows in houses across the UK, however they range from rock bays to Oriel bays. Square bays to splay bays, as well as everything in between. They assist give you scenic sights from within your house while permitting light to flooding right into your spaces making them appear larger as well as brighter.

Made using numerous windows (or doors) linked together making use of an aluminium variable or square bay message, they aid produce an additional area in your home. Our bay home windows are offered in a large range of styles, colours as well as forms. We create every home window to enhance your house and increase safety.

Bay home windows look their ideal when they are balanced. Having your opening sashes matching each other makes the bay look well balanced and also in proportion. You do not need to keep the design the like your old windows. We can raise or lower the amount of openings to your choice.

We fit emergency exit pivots to all bedroom home windows. If your present bedroom bay does not have fire escape joints, we can assist upgrade it to present them. We always make every effort to bring freshly installed home windows approximately the current building regulations for fire security.

Load bearing

Some bay windows are load bearing. When we change these sorts of windows, we make use of a unique aluminium bay posts with an integrated ‘Jacking System’ to take the weight of the framework. These special poles as well as jacks go through the outside window sill and connect the lower as well as top structures. They have a threaded section that allows us to wind the poles upwards for optimal assistance.

Barrel Bay

A barrel bay is 2 bay home windows stacked on top of each other with either render, floor tiles or something similar in between. The function section in between is round with no angles and contains 4 or even more sections. Barrel bay home windows with around 6 sections can be quote deep and also the interior location they produce can be large enough to hold furnishings or even a bed.

Square or angled

Bay windows can be square with either 2 or 3 sides or tilted. Tilted bays normally can have anything from two sides or even more. Tilted bay windows are without a doubt the most usual bay home window. You can pick from a vast array of window designs as well as colours for your new windows.

Three-sided bay home window installment

Three-sided bay home windows are extremely usual. They can be square, angled or rock bays and also generally contain a huge centre area with the outer areas smaller sized in size. You can create three-sided bays utilizing any one of our window designs. Casement bay home windows are without a doubt the most preferred but you can also utilize Tilt & Turn and sash windows in your bay. You would normally see sash windows inside a three-sided stone bay windows.

Four-sided bay home window installment

You will locate four-sided bays in buildings with bigger lounges and bedrooms. The four facet design provides itself to aspects with equal size sections. They are generally constructed making use of bay posts but the 4 facet style additionally operates in some stone bays.

5 sided bay window installment

5-sided bay home windows have two distinctive variants. The first variation is to have all sectors made the exact same size. Normally seen in barrel bays, the equivalent size elements assist the bay home window achieve an extra all-natural contour. (This is also real with 6 and also seven sided bays).

In the 2nd variant, the centre section is bigger while the 4 external sectors remain about the very same width. All the bay angles are set at 135 ̊ which allows the external sectors to meet your home wall surface at 90 ̊ as well as the front segment remains alongside the house.

Five facet bays aid develop an intense and airy feel to the space it is mounted. They are typically big enough to house a bed or perhaps your couch but you can likewise use it to stand in.

Stone Bays

Rock bays usually consist of between 3 to five separate home windows with rock or block columns in-between. Since the columns are stone or brick, they do not require aluminium bay posts to attach them or sustain any lots from above.

Bonded Sills

Discovered on a lot of uPVC bays, bonded exterior sills are manufacturing facility assembled based on the dimensions taken during the survey. Each sector is cut as well as welded, cleaned and ended up all set for installation. We leave the two outer sections of the sill longer than required. The installers will certainly after that feather the new welded sill right into the property wall surface. As soon as we eliminate the old bay, we position the brand-new bay sill ready and significant to prepare the sill horns.

What’s the difference between a bay as well as a bow window?

The initial and biggest distinction in between a bay and a bow home window is you can stand in the flooring area of a bay home window but you can not with a bow home window. Affixed to the face of the home, bow windows have a bow shaped inner home window sill created making use of wood or marine quality ply board. Bow home windows are not a component of the home structure and also are even more of an attractive attribute and also sustained by one or two hangings brackets from below.

Hanging Brackets

Made use of to support bow windows and oriel bays, a hanging braces rest underneath the base of the home window. They can be plain or attractive as well as made using a variety of materials. Wood (difficult wood) is the most common product used for gallows braces as it can be styled easily and also made to look really ornate. A lot of installers will make a small feature from the gallows braces.

Oriel bays

Oriel window consisting of two segments joined at 90 ̊ oriel bays produce a great feature for little bedrooms. Supported using a luxuriant gallows brace as well as containing either a little tiled or flat roof covering. Oriel windows are not usual however generally seen on properties built in and also around the 1920’s.

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