Top 5 Things to Do in Atlanta, my home town

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Top 5 Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city full of excitement and adventure. Many people do not realize how much Atlanta has to offer. Even though Atlanta is a huge city it has more forestry than any other city in the country. It also has a lot of tourist attractions that are more than tourist traps, they are worth the time.

Here are 5 amazing things you can do in Atlanta.

  • Check out the nature parks.Atlanta has some of the best nature can offer. It’s amazing how in Atlanta you can be in a residential neighborhood and feel like you are in the middle of the forest. Here are some nature and wildlife parks you can visit while in Atlanta.
    • Georgia Aquarium- Everyone who visits Atlanta always brags about how amazing the Aquarium is. Here you will see 70 habitats and thousands of marine animals. Few aquariums have whale sharks, manta rays, beluga whales, dolphins, and sea otters, but here you can sell all of these species. The aquarium even offers a brilliant 3D animated show telling an important story about conserving and protecting animal’s natural environment. This aquarium has so much to offer it is definitely not something you want to miss.
    • Atlanta Botanical Gardens- These gardens feature some of the most magical flowers you will ever see. From the rose gardens to the tropical gardens you will be rejuvenated after viewing some of the most beautiful fauna that Atlanta has to offer. The Earth Goddess is definitely a huge wow factor here and you do not want to miss seeing her. While you are there stop by the amazing café and have a light meal. The food is absolutely delicious.
  • Visit some museums. Atlanta offers a wide variety of museums. From art galleries, history museums, observatories, and specialty museums there will definitely be something for everyone.
    • College Football Hall of Fame- This museum is sure to be loved by any fan of college football. Here you can test your skills on a replica field or even record yourself commentating for a pregame show. This museum won’t be for everyone, but it is definitely unique and fun.
    • High Museum of Art-This building is a piece of architecture that you must see. It is a brilliant porcelain-enameled building that is both exquisite inside and out. The museum has over 11,000 pieces and has a brilliant glass atrium. This is definitely a visit for those who love art.
    • World of Coca-Cola- We’ve all tried Coca-Cola, most of us know about the secret formula. This museum offers an interactive tour of the history of Coca-Cola. You can see how bottling works, get super close to the secret formula, and watch a 4-d movie. As tempting as all those offering are, they museum offer an amazing 100 flavors from across the world. If you are a fan of Coca-Cola this is definitely something you don’t want to miss.
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  • Check out some sights and landmarks- Being the birth place of Martin Luther King there are definitely some spots to check out in regards to the civil rights movement. However, there are also some places that are so magical that you just have to see them.
    • Fox Theatre-This theatre hosts a variety of shows through the years, however its design is what you need to see. Recently restored, this theatre has a very 1920’s style to it. The architecture of this building is absolutely gorgeous. The theatre feature “Might Mo,” a classic organ that has over 3,600 pipes. This is definitely something you do not want to miss.
    • Center for Civil and Human Rights- This museum focuses on an important part of all of our lives and history. The museum is incredibly interactive and if you decide to go in after admiring the brilliant architecture you will definitely feel a connection. The outside of the museum has brilliant architecture that is very unique and definitely worth stopping by to see
    • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site- This site is actually three attractions in one. Start at the visit center and move through the places where Martin Luther King Jr. grew up, where he preached, and the memorial site of his burial. This is definitely a place to honor such an amazing man and see the life that he had while he was fighting for civil rights.
  • Take a food and drink tour. Atlanta is known for its delicious southern cuisine and its delicious sweat tea. While visiting you should definitely try out some of the amazing food offered throughout the city. The best way to experience multiple dining options is to take a food and drink tour. Here are a few favorites:
    • Atlanta Food Walks- This tour takes you through historic downtown and offers you samples of 15 different tastes at 7 different restaurants. You will hear about the amazing history of Atlanta and the evolution of their food.
    • Atlanta Brews Cruise- If you want to try some amazing beer then definitely try out the Atlanta Brews Cruise. You will get to see the brewery and try some amazing beers.
  • Try an exciting activity. Atlanta is a place to explore. There are multiple activities you can join throughout the city to sightsee or ever work up some adrenaline. Here are the favorites.
    • Nascar Racing Experience– If you love Nascar or you just want to drive fast this is definitely something you need to try. You can either drive the car which can hit up to 150 mph or you can ride with a professional who can get you to 170 mph. Either way that’s really fast and definitely worth the try.
    • Peach Pedaler-So many people miss out on the Peach Pedaler and it is such a good time. This company does guest tours on a 15 passenger pedal powered bike. So not only do you get to see the amazing sights of Atlanta, but you get to meet some really awesome people as you all work together to pedal the bike.

Atlanta is an amazing city and whatever you choose to do you are going to find amazing adventures, good times, and amazing eats.

Have a look at the Atlanta Tourist’s boards website here ;


Cockroaches, not what I need now

My household went through a catastrophic event this year. While sitting on the couch watching the movie Django Unchained my husband had a stroke. He was in the hospital for a week. We lives thousands of miles from any family and during that time my house stayed in complete disarray. The dishes weren’t done. The loaf of bread I had made that night stayed on the counter. I lived at the hospital praying that he would get better.

After seven long days in the hospital I was able to bring my husband home. I was so happy. However, during that time our mess attracted cockroaches. I don’t believe that we got an infestation in one week, but I think the lack of housekeeping definitely encouraged the infestation. I was beside myself. Already terrified of the critters it was just one more issue I didn’t need to deal with at the time.

I called an exterminator immediately. The price was far beyond my budget. With my husband just having a long hospital stay, no medical insurance, and him being the only one who worked there was no way I was going to be able to afford to have a professional job done. I kind of feel like I am not the only one in that predicament. I think many have a cockroach problem but can’t afford a professional. I set out on a journey to rid our home of cockroaches in the most cost effective manner possible. This is how I succeeded in only three months.

The first step I took in solving our cockroach problem was cleaning the entire house, specifically the kitchen and bathroom where I had seen them. I made sure that all food items were packed away and that dishes were done as soon as they were dirtied. I swept the floors every night to ensure there were no food droppings on the ground. I continued this process everyday. I wanted to ensure there was as little food for these roaches as possible.

After getting my house clean and my cleaning routine solved I researched what kind of cockroaches I had. I found that we had German cockroaches. I found an article online that said that the bathroom and kitchen must be clean and dry as possible. I borrowed a dehumidifier from a friend. This took away the humidity so the cockroaches would know they were not welcome in my home. I created the cleaning plan of champions. I made sure that no food was left around. Every kitchen appliance was cleaned, inside and out, not a single crumb for these little guys to feed on. I cleaned the cabinets to make sure there were no crumb spills. I swept and mopped every night. I took the garbage out every night before going to bed. I kept all of our food in sealed containers.

In addition to my crazy cleaning I also made a rule that until our infestation was over we would only have food and drink in the dining room and kitchen. This helped me keep the deep cleaning down to a few rooms and to keep the infestation from spreading. Before going to bed every night I made sure everything was dry, the sinks, bathtub, dish drain, and dishwasher. All of this work however did not effectively rid our home of the roaches.

I decided to invest in a can of spray for the roaches. I sprayed it every night before bed, however, after two weeks of using the spray I saw very little change. I then decided to use the gel bait. I four of the gel baits at a local store and set them out. Within two nights I saw a huge difference. The roaches were no longer quickly scampering across my kitchen floor, but rather they were very lethargic, I found several lying dead scattered across my kitchen. I was very excited that I was nearing the end of the whole episode.

One day while strolling the aisles of the Dollar Tree I saw these sticky traps for roaches. I decided that would give these a try as well. I actually bought four of them, but I assumed they would not work because they were so cheap. However, these were the most effective traps I’ve ever seen. The next morning the sticky trap was filled with roaches. I was ecstatic. The next night I got up at 3 am to see how many roaches out. There was a point when I would get up that various sizes of the roaches would be crawling all across my kitchen floor and I would stand there are cry because everything felt hopeless and disgusting. However, on this night I saw two very lethargic small roaches crawling. I killed them and disposed of them. I did the same thing the next night, there were only three. I continuously woke up to see how many roaches I could find. Then three weeks after starting the gel bait and sticky boxes I woke up to find no roaches anywhere. I thought at first it was a fluke, but then I woke up the next night again and to my surprise there were none again.

I decided the best test would be to buy new sticky boxes to see how many roaches I caught. I set it out and said a little prayer I would wake up to an empty box. I woke up to a box with only one roach in it. I was so ecstatic. It’s been six months since this incident and I feel very confident that we have conquered our roach infestation. The whole ordeal was stressful and made me feel like a dirty person, but something I have learned through this process is that you can be the cleanest person in the world and the roaches will still find something to munch on. So if you are having the same problem, please don’t’ be embarrassed. If you can’t afford professional treatment you can do this yourself, it takes dedication and hard work, but you can do it.

Hi ya

Welcome to my new blogette, I am from Atlanta Georgia and proud of it. I will be writing about a whole bunch of things, including my new found friends the cockroaches I talk about here on a post I have recently written.

But it ain’t all bad, I would like to show you a lovely YouTube clip of Atlanta, which is really a travel guide.

And here is the official tourism guide of Atlanta, which shows our city off.

I hope you enjoy the YouTube clips, it gives you a feeling of our great city and one I am very proud of. I hope you have read this far and come back and read more if you have time. You are very welcome and bring friends.